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SS Project “Stage 3 SS Camaro”

8-29-2012 We completed the installation and have started tuning the car for the new heads, cam, exhaust, Fuel system and injectors. I will be posting more pictures and videos soon! 8-24-2012 Well the project is close to be completed. We have installed the heads, cam and reinstalled the supercharger. The exhaust system was finished up this morning and we sho...

Xtreme Motorsports BMW Tuned On-Road Car

More Info Coming Soon!

2nd Annual Adams detail clinic hosted by HRW Motorsports

Thanks again to everyone that came out to Xtreme Motorsports this morning for the 2nd Annual Adams detail clinic hosted by HRW Motorsports. We hope everyone had a great time and learned a lot. We appreciate all of your support! [nggallery id=10]

Dyno Tuning in Arizona

Custom Dyno Tuning By Appointment- Full Dyno Tune Includes Drivability and Dyno Work With Printout. Performance upgrades such as turbo(s), supercharger, headers and cam shaft installs are some of the upgrades we do every day at Xtreme Motorsports. Getting a proper tune after upgrading key components of your car is very important. Please give us a call if you have any questions or to schedule your ...

Cadillac-V Tune

Xtreme Motorsports has been tuning on a Cadillac V over the last couple days. Here are a couple cool pictures I took today. I will post videos and dyno numbers in the next couple days.   Before Tune 446rwhp- After Xtreme Motorsports Tune 518rwhp-

HRW Detail Evilness

Here is a couple pictures of a very clean Z06 "evilness" engine bay thanks to Randy at HRW. [nggallery id=5]

HRW-Adams Detail Clinic Jan 21st

HRW Motorsports Detail Clinic - Jan 21st at 9am SHARP! Directions to HRW Motorsports: 1775 East University Drive Tempe, AZ 85281-8497 phone-(480) 940-0416 web site-HRW Motorsports

Twin Turbo C6 Z06

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Twin Turbo C5 Z06

[nggallery id=3]

C6 ZR1

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