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SS Project “Stage 3 SS Camaro”

SS Project “Stage 3 SS Camaro”


We completed the installation and have started tuning the car for the new heads, cam, exhaust, Fuel system and injectors. I will be posting more pictures and videos soon!


Well the project is close to be completed. We have installed the heads, cam and reinstalled the supercharger. The exhaust system was finished up this morning and we should get the car started and ready for tuning very soon. Stay tuned!


We just started work on our Stage-3 plus Camaro Project. We will be adding heads, Cam more boost with a smaller pulley and a Full exhaust system to go with the already beefy Edelbrock supercharger. Please stay tuned for more pictures and videos.







SS Project  “Stage 3 SS Camaro”

Xtreme Motorsports just started working on a Stage 3 2011 SS Chevy Camaro this week.

Louis is getting the front fascia, piping and fittings stripped down today. He should have the supercharger install started before 5pm. I will have pictures and videos posted through out the project.

Louis is rocking today! He completed most of the install of the supercharger today. If no problems arise he should be able to complete the install of the supercharger by lunch time tomorrow.

The Camaro project is moving along. Louis has the supercharger installed and everything reinstalled on the car. Cody has started working on the tune and drive-ability testing. We should have it on the dyno by the end of the day..

We just finished up with the Supercharger install on the Camaro. Everything went very smooth. The car gained about 100rwhp with just the supercharger and a tune. The drivability and power is perfect. Check back later for more videos and pictures. Xtreme Motorsports would like to thank Mark for trusting us for this project. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Future modifications- Check back!


Base-Line Dyno “Stock” 334 rwhp  355 rwt  “click the image to enlarge”


Supercharger Dyno 420 rwhp  440rwt  “click the image to enlarge”