A&A 2005-2011 C6 Corvette Supercharger Kit (650HP Kit)





A&A 2005-2011 C6 Corvette Supercharger Kit

Our kits at Xtreme Motorsports include injectors and fuel system upgrade. If you want to order a "tuner" kit please contact us directly.

The A&A Supercharger kit brings you dramatic increases in power while not degrading everyday drivability or highway gas mileage! The system utilizes a large blow off valve that remains open at cruise and light throttle. This, essentially, allows the supercharger to “freewheel” under normal conditions, reducing parasitic loss to less than that of an alternator.

A naturally aspirated engine would require higher compression, a very aggressive camshaft, high flow cylinder heads with heavy duty valvetrain, exhaust headers with free flowing exhaust, larger throttle body, high flow intake manifold, free flowing air filter housing and duct, etc. Most of these parts are NOT emissions legal. The price of these components alone is higher than a supercharger system. The labor to install these is also much higher. Then there are the inherent problems brought to the vehicle by such a build. A large camshaft all but ruins everyday drivability AND gas mileage. Driving in traffic becomes a very trying experience. A stick shift car will buck and surge and an automatic car will be hard to hold back because of the increased idle speed required. Low speed torque is reduced with an aggressive camshaft which will require lower differential gearing and a high speed stall torque converter (automatic cars) to make up for it. This further degrades drivability and gas mileage. With all the components required for a high performance naturally aspirated car, the degradation in drivability and gas mileage, the total inability of the vehicle to pass emissions tests and the added expenditure, the vehicle would STILL have up to 100HP less than a stock Corvette with one of our standard systems bolted on.

Average increase TO THE REAR WHEELS is approximately 175 RWHP! No other modification, in this price range, even comes close.


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Superior Belt Drive System

  • Belt wrap is the key to eliminating belt slip and our proprietary bracket system offers more belt wrap than any other system on the market.
  • Our bracket is CNC machined from 5/8” high quality 6061 aluminum plate and fly cut on both sides to assure absolute consistency in thickness. This is imperative for proper belt alignment.
  • Our brackets are constantly quality checked by assembling on our “mock up” engine and checking alignment with a laser aligner.

Superior Intercooler Design

  • Our intercooler design has evolved, through constant testing, into the most efficient intercooler system available for the C6 Corvette.
  • Our intercoolers rely on superior “air management” of the charge air as well as the external cooling airflow. Both are equally important and are often overlooked by the competition. With the limited space available in a Corvette, positioning of the intercooler is critical.
  • A large intercooler that is hidden behind the frame is not as efficient as a smaller intercooler that is exposed to full frontal airflow. Our intercooler is as large as any available but it’s placement is the key to superior charge cooling. The entire core is exposed to the cooling air stream.
  • The top of the intercooler core is positioned right at the bottom of the frame. It is mounted forward so as not to allow air to flow over the top of the intercooler.
  • We have side panels and a larger bottom panel that seals up against the front fascia.
  • This gives us a “Ram Air” effect through our intercooler. No other manufacturer has spent as much time and resources on air flow management as A&A.
  • Looking through the grill opening on an A&A system will reveal the difference between our system and all others. Nothing but the core area of the intercooler is exposed to the incoming rush of cold air. The intercooler face in encompassed by our sheet metal enclosure and both tanks are completely hidden from view.
  • The area next to the intercooler is also closed in with aluminum panels assuring that any air that is fed around the sides of the intercooler is redirected back into the radiator. Again, this is something no other manufacturer has incorporated into their systems.
  • Other designs allow the upper portion of the intercooler core to be shrouded by the frame and allow air to travel over and around the intercooler. When looking through the grill opening on other systems, you see the lower tank and only a portion of the core. This is horribly inefficient!
  • The interior of our intercoolers differ from the competition also. We utilize directional vanes in the lower tank to direct charge air evenly across the intercooler core. This is an expensive but very important addition
  • Testing has shown that the incoming air charge will pack into the side opposite the inlet, rendering the near side almost useless.
  • Testing with an infrared thermometer showed large temperature differences at opposite ends of the intercooler. These special internal vanes assure the charge air is forced into the near side of the intercooler, increasing its cooling capacity considerably.

Superior Engine Cooling

  • Intercooler positioning is equally important in how it affects engine cooling. Many supercharger systems are plagued by overheating issues due to intercooler placement. Our intercooler is placed much further forward than any other design. This allows the fans to draw cooling air through the radiator and AC condenser without being shrouded by the intercooler.


  • The A&A system is one of the best looking systems around.
  • Fit and finish is second to none. Our brackets, ductwork and the supercharger, itself, are all show polished.
  • Our top shroud fits perfectly and is powder coated satin black to compliment the polished components.
  • All the visible couplers are high quality silicone and our “T Band” clamps are polished stainless steel.
  • The entire system fits snuggly under your stock hood.
  • You’ll be proud to show off your engine compartment with your A&A Supercharger system installed.

Top Quality Components

  • We utilize only the highest quality components in our systems.
  • Vortech head units are used exclusively.
  • Highly efficient, hand welded, air to air intercoolers.
  • Large Turbosmart blowoff valve
  • Aluminum charge tubing for lighter weight
  • Silicone couplers
  • Stainless steel clamps
  • High capacity injectors
  • High capacity LPE fuel pump or Boost A Pump

Choosing the correct system-

Xtreme Motorsports is only offering the V-3 “self contained” type superchargers. The V-3 650hp and V-3 750hp kits self contained head units. Each has a sump, holding 4 oz. of supercharger oil and do not require and oil feed or return lines. You will need to change the oil in the supercharger periodically, however. Fortunately the V-3 head units have a convenient drain line attached to the bottom of each unit. This makes oil changes very simple. If you are looking for the V2 systems please contact us directly.

The 650HP Kit is our standard unit and is recommended for all stock engines or engines with mild modifications only. (headers, camshaft, etc.) The kit is easily capable of 650HP on a mildly modified engine. We see no reason to use a larger supercharger if your aspirations are 650HP or less.

The 750HP Kit is recommended for applications up to 750HP. This kit utilizes smaller pulleys and makes more boost and power.


  • 2006+ Z06 and 2008+ LS3 Z51 6-Speed Manual transmission cars, and 2010+ Grand Sport dry sump cars require a radiator upgrade. The new radiator will have provisions for the external oil cooler
  • Custom PCM calibration based on specific vehicle and engine modifications will be required for use with this kit.

A&A Corvette Performance is an independent manufacturer of custom supercharger systems for the C5 and C6 corvette, exclusively. Our systems have evolved into the most technologically advanced centrifugal systems available today. With over 500 systems on the road and hundreds of additional hours spent analyzing how every part of the system could be potentially improved, it has evolved into the finest system available. Look closely at our system vs. all others. The fit and finish of all components is second to none. This commitment to aesthetics carries forward in the same commitment to function. Our bracket and pulley design offers excellent alignment and belt wrap. This is essential in any supercharger system and is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. Our intercooler design also differs from any other. Not only are our intercoolers as large as practical for a Corvette, but the placement and attention given to airflow management is unmatched. An intercooler must have as much ambient airflow through the core area as possible to be efficient. Our design is the only one that is 100% exposed to frontal airflow either directly (C6) or through the use of directional scoops (C5). Not one square inch of either intercooler is shrouded by the frame or bodywork. Airflow through the rear of the intercooler is also important. Most designs place the intercooler tightly against the radiator and air conditioning condenser. We place our intercoolers with a large space between these components which aids in airflow through the intercooler as well as airflow to the radiator and condenser. The inlet duct from our high flow air filter to the supercharger inlet is also designed with superior airflow in mind. The curves are smooth and cross sectional area is large. This all translates into lower inlet temps and more power output.

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