D3 Supercharger Pulley Kit Stage-3

D3 Supercharger Pulley Kit Stage-3

+16.6PSI | +~150 HP



The Stage 3 Pulley System combines the crank and blower pulley to achieve an astounding 16.6PSI of boost.

This level of boost significantly increases the horsepower of the vehicle and allows for ultra-quick boost generation that will leave you breathless.

REQUIREMENTS: Upgraded Cooling Ported & Polished Blower Assembly Upgraded Fuel Injection System, recomended Cam + Heads.

Kit Includes:

  • D3 SFI Approved Hybrid Steel + Aluminium Harmonic Balancer
  • D3 SFI Approved Billet Aluminium ø9.0 Inch Boost Pulley
  • D3 SFI Approved ø2.55" Upper Supercharger Pulley
  • Crank Bolt
  • Gates Belt
  • D3 Emblem
  • Installation Guide

Why choose D3 Pulleys? Because our pulleys are developed exclusivly for Cadillac engines. Not all LS-series motors are the same, period. D3 Pulley Kits are Ultra-Light Weight & Blueprinted from the ground up exclusively for the harmonics of the CADILLAC CTS-V LSA motor. The D3 Boost Pulley Kits is the lightest boost drive pulley on the market and is 100% SFI approved. Designed in CAD exclusively for the CTS-V, the D3 Pulley Kit has been mastered and engineered long before any other system on the market D3 Pulley Kits have been the first on the market to utilize our proprietary sizing for the CTS-V application. Weight has been drastically reduced by an amazing 5 lbs with which allows the pulley to spin freely and without restriction under load. D3 Harmonic Dampers offer the most precise and advanced execution of the proven elastomer-style harmonic damper (also called Torsional Vibration Damper) design. Most engine designers prefer elastomer-type dampers because of their durability, superior high-frequency damping qualities, and ability to dampen all types of vibrations: torsional, axial and radial. Other damper designs are limited to damping torsional vibrations only. All D3 Pulley Kits are manufactured in the USA out of T-6061 billet aluminum and CNC Machined to MILSPEC tolerances for unparalleled quality. D3 pulley kits include the Harmonic Balancer, Belt, and Bolt & Pulley. No additional parts or hardware are required for proper installation. Key Features: 100% Made in USA Complete Kit, no additional pulley parts required SFI Approved Designed for the harmonics of Cadillac Engines, no retrofitted parts used.


Price: $1,489.00


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