Kooks Cat X-Pipes “2005-2007 (LS2) 2008 (LS3) C6 CORVETTE”

Kooks Cat X-Pipes "2005-2007 (LS2) 2008 (LS3) C6 CORVETTE"

Tube  0”
Coll  0”
Inlet  3"
Outlet  2 1/2" X Pipe OEM Connection
Unit   Each
Weight   30 Lbs
Year range   2005 - 2012
3" x 3" C6 Catted X Pipe Metallic Cats. Must be used with Kooks Headers.



Stock is never good enough. And Kooks X-pipes offer freedom from the restrictive factory pipes on your ride. Built from stainless steel, these X-pipes offer better exhaust flow with improved horsepower, torque, and throttle response, plus a deeper tone. Adding aftermarket exhaust is a good way to boost your driving experience and Kooks can help. Their X-pipes are available with or without catalytic converters for a number of applications. In our quest for power, we are always in search of increased performance. You've found it in Kooks X-pipes--they're quality-built at a competitive price.


Price: $897.43


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