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Z06 Edelbrock Supercharger Project!

Z06 Edelbrock Supercharger Project!

4-30-2012 We just started working on a Corvette Z06 Supercharger install project at Xtreme. We are installing Edelbrock Supercharger, Akrapovic Exhaust system, Kooks Headers, Kooks “Cat” X-Pipes, ATI Pulley… Please check back often for updated pictures and videos.

5-1-2012- The guys are making huge headway on the car today. The front end is torn down and the headers,X-pipes and exhaust are already installed. They should get the supercharger installed by tomorrow morning.  I will post more picture and a status update tomorrow.

5-2-2012- The Edelbrock Supercharger and Dewitts custom aluminum radiator is getting installed today.

5-3-2012- Well everything is going good and we are done with the installation of all of the parts. We are going to start on tuning this afternoon and should be on the dyno sometime tomorrow.

5-4-2012- Most of the drivability tuning is completed. We should be getting the car on the dyno Monday afternoon.

5-7-2012- The Z06 is on the dyno and ready to make a couple runs. I will post pictures and videos as soon as we are done.

5-7-2012- The supercharger install is completed. We are having a wheel repaired and putting stickier tires on the rear. She should be back in the customer’s hands later this week. Thanks to Cody and Louis for a great job once again on the install and tune!! The Z06 is producing 590RWHP and 540Max Torque. That’s almost 700hp to the flywheel on pump gas!