Best answer: What is speed rating in Nascar Heat 4?

What does the speed rating mean in NASCAR Heat 4?

This is the toughest achievement in the game and requires you to have a Speed Rating of 105 on every track in the game. Speed Ratings are earned by lap times on each track, the faster the lap time, the higher the Speed Rating. 105 is the highest and will reward you with an “Elite” rank.

Is NASCAR Heat 5 a good game?

NASCAR Heat 5’s cars are remarkably forgiving on-track with most of the default set-ups, even if you turn off the variety of driving assists available. … The challenge in NASCAR Heat 5 however isn’t from simply pedalling the car around the track, but from racing. The AI opponents are solid, if unspectacular.

Is NASCAR Heat 5 worth the money?

NASCAR Heat 5 is a complete and enjoyable package for NASCAR fans, or even just fans of well made, fun racing games. … So ultimately whether you should buy it comes down to how much you love NASCAR and you love the series. Considering Heat 5 on its own, it’s very good, if flawed in places.

Is Nascar Heat 4 or 5 better?

Nascar Heat 5 made remarkable enhancements to camera angles & offer gamers around the world more camera options compared to NASCAR Heat 4. Therefore, in NASCAR Heat 5, gamers have more freedom to set the camera that feels more comfortable.

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Will there be NASCAR Heat 5?

NASCAR Heat 5 is the final game in that series and we are currently rebooting our NASCAR franchise from the ground up. The new games will run on a completely different engine with the physics being provided by the rFactor 2 simulation platform, which we recently acquired.

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