Best answer: Why do people say F1 isnt a sport?

Why F1 is not a real sport?

F1 involves physical exertion, for those of you who argue that F1 is just sitting in a car, you are wrong, F1 drivers have to regularly withstand upto 3.5g and drivers sweat around 3.5 litres of water. In short F1 ticks all the boxes necessary to make it a sport.

Why is F1 so boring?

Teams normally opt to make as few pitstops as possible because running slower on track to manage their tyres costs them less time. There is also the risk that drivers come out behind slower runners, which because of the aerodynamic characteristics of modern Formula One cars can be difficult to pass.

Is F1 scripted?

Norris and Sainz aren’t actors, F1 is not scripted, they are real people and situations and should be represented accordingly. That doesn’t mean it has to be mundane and it’s right to focus on the most dramatic storylines, but why distort them? … ‘ argument when it comes to how the Norris/Sainz rivalry was portrayed.

Who owns the F1?

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