Do you need shoes for K1 Speed?

All drivers must wear closed-toe shoes at K1 Speed. Sandals or any other open-toe shoes are not permitted on track and you will not be able to race.

Does K1 Speed have an arcade?

Nearly all of our centers have a video game arcade where visitors can test other skills against one another. Perhaps you’re better at arcade racing than the real deal. … Check out or call your local K1 Speed and see what arcade games we offer there!

How much is K1 Speed per person?

The cost of a K1 Speed Annual Membership is only $7 and you get all of the above! As you can see, you’ll get one free race within the week of your birthday – that’s over $20 in value alone!

How can I get faster at K1 Speed?

5 Quick Tips for the Perfect Lap

  1. Looking to improve your times? Here are some quick tips on how you can go faster and get in the “perfect lap” during your next K1 Speed visit!
  2. “Slow In, Fast Out” …
  3. Be as Smooth as Possible. …
  4. Brake in a Straight Line. …
  5. Obey the Blue Flag. …
  6. Discover the Racing Line.

Do you have to be 18 to go to K1 Speed?

We do not have any age restrictions at K1 Speed, but we do have height requirements. To drive our junior karts, you must be a kid that’s at least 48″ (4′) or taller. For our adult karts, you’ll need to be at least 58″ (4’10”).

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