How can I improve my NFS performance?

Why is NFS so slow?

If access to remote files seems unusually slow, ensure that access time is not being inhibited by a runaway daemon, a bad tty line, or a similar problem. Use the nfsstat command to gather information about your network connections. To set MTU size, use the SMIT fast path, smit chif .

How is NFS performance measured?

You can use the nfsstat command to monitor NFS operation activity by the client. The NFS client displays the number of NFS calls sent and rejected, as well as the number of times a client handle was received, clgets , and a count of the various kinds of calls and their respective percentages.

Is NFS or SMB faster?

Depending on your needs, the best thing to do would be to set up a Samba share and NFS share and run various real-world read/write/CPU tests across the network. If you have similar needs as I do (Windows machines) you might be surprised to find out that Samba is 20% faster than NFS.

Is NFSv4 faster than NFSv3?

NFSv4 file creation is actually about half the speed of file creation over NFSv3, but NFSv4 can delete files quicker than NFSv3. By far the largest speed gains come from running with the async option on, though using this can lead to issues if the NFS server crashes or is rebooted.

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What can I use instead of NFS?

Alternatives to NFS include AFS, DFS and RFS.

  • AFS – Andrew File System. AFS is a distributed file system that enables co-operating hosts (clients and servers) to efficiently share file system resources across both local area and wide area networks. …
  • DFS – Distributed File System. …
  • RFS – Remote File Sharing.

Why does NFS use UDP?

NFS version 2 uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to provide a stateless network connection between the client and server.

How many NFS threads do I need?

A client workstation usually only has one active process. However, a time-shared system that is an NFS client may have many active processes. Use 16 to 32 NFS threads for each CPU.

What is NFS Getattr?

When a get attributes (getattr) request is made by an NFS client to the storage system, the storage system conducts all the relevant checks on the file. The relevant checks include checking permissions, checking if the file is available, checking if the file is being accessed by some other client, and so on.

How can I test NFS read?

To Check the NFS Server. Determine what is being exported by typing share. Display the file systems mounted and the disk drive on which the file system is mounted by typing df -k. If a file system is over 100 percent full, it may cause NFS write errors on the clients.

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