How do you go go karting in Australia?

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How do I get into karting?

Start racing in club races at your local kart track, then progress on to more competitive championships. Consider joining a team, even if it’s not a top-level one. This can help you develop as a driver – but if you’ve just started karting, spend time learning how to drive the kart on your own.

They are 100% street legal and have all relevant ADR’s covered, you literally buy the kit + motor and box and bolt together and go get slipped and then rego’ed. Mates go-kart is capable of around 260kp/h, but he reckons once you get above 200kp/h you cant see anything (vibration is so bad everything becomes a blur).

What do I need for go karting?

You must be 48′ tall and able to apply proper pressure to the gas and brake. To race our adult karts, you must be 12 years old, 57′ tall, and the same ability to apply proper pressure to the gas and brake if you are not able to apply proper pressure to the gas or brake pedal you will not be allowed to race.

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What age can my son start go karting?

Karting is a most exhilarating activity, yet a family sport. It’s fun, it’s cool, kids can start racing from the age of 8 in Cadet, Bambino from 6. Almost everyone can race, some at 60 or more.

What age should you start racing?

As of now, for almost all, if you want to be a pro,: 3-5 is the start time. The ‘window’ is generally agreed upon 15-18 in most racing divisions, with some, like motocross, being a bit younger.

The laws regarding the operation of low speed vehicles on Tennessee’s roads are contained in Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-8-191. Low speed vehicles can only be operated on streets where the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles per hour (35 mph) or less.

Can you wear glasses go karting?

Yes. When wearing glasses with our helmets you will need to remove your glasses first, then put the helmet on. You then lift the visor and slide the glasses into place. Sunglasses, reactive lenses and tinted lenses are not recommended as the tracks are indoors and may affect your visibility.

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