How do you read a go kart tire?

What size tires go on a go kart?

Go-Kart Tire Size Chart

Size Position Width
10 x 4.50 – 5 Front 4.50″
11 x 6.00 – 5 Rear 6.00″
11 x 7.10 – 5 Rear 7.10″
12 x 4.00 – 5 Any 4.00″

What PSI should go kart tires be?

On road race applications, the recommended starting pressure is 12-16 psi (cold). On tracks with higher levels of grip and/or elevated track temperatures, tires will favor a lower starting pressure within the recommended range.

What size tire is 145 70 6?

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Size 145/70-6
Tire Aspect Ratio 65 Inches
Rim Size 4.5 Inches
Speed Rating B
Ply Rating 4-Ply

Can you put bigger tires on go kart?

Putting bigger tires on the bag won’t effect the fronts other than jacking the back up make the chassis off ballance as far as being level to the ground. It might make the steering a little heavier, but since it’s a fun cart and not a racing machine that won’t really make a huge difference.

Can I use 235 tires instead of 225?

Obviously, you will need a certain kind of tire depending on how you use your vehicle. Due to this, a 235 tire might not be better than a 225 tire, or vice versa, but depending on your situation, one tire might serve you better than the other.

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Can I use 175 tires instead of 185?

Can I change my tire with 175 width to 185 without changing the rim? Yes. The 185 is the width of the tire. Most rims that support a 175mm wide tires will easily handle a 185mm wide tire.

When should I replace my go kart tires?

Bottom line: it all depends on how serious you are taking your racing. If your in it to just race and enjoy the time with your kids then 3-4 race weekends on a set of tires is reasonable. If your in it to win a lot and be very competitive, change them every race day.

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