How do you slipstream in Mario Kart?

To Slipstream an opponent in Mario Kart Tour, drive behind a driver as close as you can without actually touching them. When you enter a Slipstream, you’ll see a faint white ring glow around your character and you should notice your racer gain a significant boost of speed.

How do you do a slipstream boost?

To perform a Slipstream Boost, you want to drive very close to another driver, directly behind them, and make sure you don’t crash into them. When you begin the Slipstream, you will notice a faint white ring will appear around your driver, almost like a very mild lens flare. Your kart will also get a boost in speed.

How do you go faster in Mario Kart?

Auto-Accelerate is new to the Mario Kart series of games, making the vehicle automatically accelerate to the fastest speed possible. You can turn on this option when customizing your vehicle by pressing + or – and then pressing R, or by pressing R on the pause menu during a race.

Do 3 Slipstreams boost in a single race?

To perform three slipstream boosts as quickly as possible, all you should do is stall at the very beginning of the race so you get stuck behind everyone else.

How do you slipstream?

To Slipstream, simply drive very close to a driver ahead of you. Keep this close distance for a second or two until you see your muffler exhausting flames and faint semi-circle appears around your character. This indicates your boost is activated and you can now use it to pass the driver.

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