Is Nascar in Real Racing 3?

NASCAR is the 3rd group in the MotorSports category in Real Racing 3. NOTE: All existing NASCAR models became No Longer Available to be purchased (but are still in the game and available to those players who already have the cars) as of 01-Jan-2019.

Is Real Racing 3 accurate?

If an ordinary android game like ‘Driving School 2017’ can bring out those realistic characteristics of a car in their game, the team behind RR3 was definitely capable of making the high speed driving in their game to be much more realistic. They did the hardest part and added real tracks as well as real cars to RR3.

Can Real Racing 3 run?

Electronic Arts (EA) has released Real Racing 3, the third iteration of its popular car racing game, on Android and iOS worldwide. Interestingly, the gaming company has made the game a free download, upfront, however, the game brings in several in-app purchases.

Why was NASCAR removed from rr3?

New Motorsports category and removal of Career Goals:

The aim of Motorsports is to improve access to our Motorsports content and streamline career progression. … All Formula E and NASCAR content will be removed from the Career and new content will be created in the new Motorsports category.

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