Is Toad the fastest in Mario Kart?

In Mario Kart 64, Toad is the lightest and all around fastest racer. He reaches mid and upper speeds faster than Yoshi.

What’s the fastest kart in Mario Kart 8?

Best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Karts, Bikes and ATVs

Kart Part Speed Acceleration
Tanooki Kart -0.25 -0.5
B Dasher +0.5 -0.75
Streetle -0.5 +0.5
P-Wing +0.5 -0.75

Is Toad the fastest?

In Super Mario Bros. 2, he is one of the four playable characters. He is the fastest character, and is great for speedrunners. He is sometimes considered the best playable character in the game.

What’s the best car on Mario Kart 8?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 10 Best Cars

  • 8 Landship.
  • 7 Blue Falcon.
  • 6 Pipe Frame.
  • 5 Biddybuggy.
  • 4 Sports Coupe.
  • 3 Mr. Scooty.
  • 2 Streetle.
  • 1 Gold Standard.

Who is the best Mario Kart 8 deluxe character?

The most prominent characters in the group S are Donkey Kong and Gold Mario (Deluxe). They also got great speed but fell a little behind on balancing than the SS characters. The main heroes in group A are Iggy Koopa and Ludwig von Koopa. They are not as speedy as the first two groups but still a good pick.

Does Toad wear a diaper?

“Standard-issue Toad pants. At first glance they look like undies or a diaper, but they’re just really short pants.” Mario collecting Toad’s Pants. Toad’s Pants are an item found in Paper Mario: Color Splash.

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