Question: What are some street legal go karts?

Test the speed of your go kart in order for the vehicle to be considered safe to drive on streets. … If the go kart surpasses 25 miles per hour as its top speed, it will fail the test. If the go kart has all the proper safety additions and passes the speed test, the inspector will deem street legal.

In the majority of jurisdictions, Segways can be ridden legally on sidewalks. However, rules vary widely from one jurisdiction to the next, such as the Segway being considered a device for pedestrians that can be used on sidewalks to a motor vehicle that is required to be registered and insured.

A go-kart is classified as a small off-road engine and a recreational off-highway vehicle, so it is subject to California laws regarding emissions and operation.

Can I drive a go-kart around my neighborhood?

The short answer is no. You shouldn’t drive your go-kart on the neighborhood road, sidewalk, parks or other public areas. As go-karts are recreational vehicles, they must stay off public roads and premises. You should only be driving your go-kart at a race track, on designated trails or on private property.

Where can I ride my Segway?

They are now only legal to ride on private land and if you want to use one on private land, then you must obtain the permission of the land owner. It is Section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 that prohibits these self-balancing powered vehicles, from being ridden on the pavement.

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