Quick Answer: What does it mean to get loose in Nascar?

Loose: Also known as “oversteer.” When the rear tires of the car have trouble sticking in the corners. This causes the car to “fishtail” as the rear end swings outward during turns.

Why do NASCAR drivers wiggle their cars?

NASCAR drivers swerve during a caution to remove debris from their tires. … Swerving back and forth during the caution lap while their tires are hot keeps their tires clean of marbles during the pause in racing. This is to ensure no burn outs when the light goes green, which could be catastrophic.

How do NASCAR drivers not crash?

No part of the car is a production car, all of it is built as a race car part. The teams build a number of frames, engines and transmissions for the season and keep them on standby for a wreck.

Do NASCAR drivers get tired?

Everyone in NASCAR gets tired about now. With the longest season in all sports, this time in the race season leaves everyone feeling a bit exhausted. … Fan fatigue also sets in, especially if the fan’s driver (as is my case with Mr. Jeff Gordon) does not stand a chance in the championship chase.

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What is tight and loose NASCAR?

When a driver reports that his car is tight, it means that the car is not turning well and that traction in the front is poor. … When a driver says his car is loose, also known as oversteer, it means that the car has poor rear traction, causing the car to fishtail toward the wall.

How does tire pressure affect NASCAR?

NASCAR tires routinely change pressure by 20-40 psi from the tire sitting on the pit wall to the time it’s run a couple of laps. So the pressure you put into the tire is no where near the pressure you have three to five laps into the race.

What is NASCAR Heat 5 wedge?

Wedge makes the car looser or tighter. A loose car is better on the short runs but a tighter car is better for long runs. If you want a tighter car, up the wedge ; a looser car, decrease the wedge.

How do you drive on a dry slick track?

Johnson: The key to driving in the dry/slick is patience. You just have to learn how to slow down and go faster. Keep the rear tires underneath you, don’t spin the rear tires. You just have to be a bit more cautious.

Is fighting allowed in NASCAR?

It’s not about the World Boxing Association, World Wrestling Entertainment, Ultimate Fighting Championship or even the National Hockey League, where fighting is part of the game. Even with its history of well-publicized fights over the years, NASCAR has grown too large to tolerate any type of physical altercation.

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Are you allowed to hit cars in NASCAR?

Technically, they are not allowed to “Hit” each other intentionally with the purpose of taking the other car out, but in Nascar, “Rubbin’ is racing”, which makes that series one of the few that it’s not uncommon to get a little physical when racing for position. The cars are constructed to take quite a bit of abuse.

It depends on the circumstances honestly. Generally if it’s after the checkerd has flown or after the yellow has flown you’ll get penalized, or if it was a clearly malicious thing.

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