Quick Answer: What is the best electric motor for a go kart?

How big of an electric motor do you need for a go-kart?

That’s because those are both inductive loads, and inductive loads require a TON of power to start. Say some electric motor might need 250 watts when its running- to start under load (like a go-kart does) it might need 1000 or 1500 watts to start. Your 1000 watts kart motor starting under load might need 5000 watts.

How much horsepower do I need for an electric go kart?

An electric kart produces around 20 hp (horse power).

Which motor is used in go-kart?

The go kart is designed using two DC-Brushless motors that use a 60V battery. Each motor moves it’s own drive socket to provide faster acceleration. Each motors torque is monitored and constantly adjusted by a controller and an acceleration pedal.

Can you change an AC motor to a dc motor?

You would need to build or buy an inverter to take the DC and convert it into an AC voltage @ frequency that was compatible with the motor. AC motors do not normally have brushes like DC motors do.

What do you need for electric go kart?

The parts that I used were:

  1. A 1600W 48V brushless motor.
  2. A 1600W 48V speed controller.
  3. A 48V hand throttle with a battery indicator and speed limit switch.
  4. A 3 pole charge port.
  5. A key switch.
  6. And a 48V 12AH lead acid battery pack.
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How much torque do you need for a go kart?

The motor in question

For 1000 W output at 3200 RPM, the required torque should be around 3 Nm, not 1.91 Nm.

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