Quick Answer: Who won the 2001 f1 championship?

It commenced on 4 March 2001 and ended on 14 October after seventeen races. Michael Schumacher won the Drivers’ title with a record margin of 58 points, after achieving nine victories and five-second places and Ferrari won the Constructors’ award.

What happened Arrows F1?

The team with some of the best liveries in F1 officially closed its doors after a lengthy and complicated exit procedure. Arrows didn’t complete the 2002 season and despite plenty of interest, all deals with potential investors fell through.

Why is Mercedes so dominant F1?

Mercedes have been dominant in Formula 1 for a number of years now due to the fact that the other competition can not get up to their standard, it then transforms into some very boring racing in fact its only been the last 2 races that sky sports have really focused on the front 2 racing cars so much that Hamilton was …

Who won F1 last time?

The latest Drivers’ Champion is Nico Rosberg, who won his first World Championship in 2016. Overall, thirty-three different drivers have won the Championship, with German Michael Schumacher holding the record for most titles, at seven.

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