What do the levels mean in Mario Kart?

Everything in Mario Kart Tour has a level associated with it. Whether that’s your character, kart, or glider, everything can be leveled up. Leveling up your characters allows you to earn different bonuses and rewards in-race which will make you a better overall player.

What does skill level mean in Mario Kart Tour?

What is Skill Level? In Mario Kart Tour there is a feature called skill level, wherein you increase stats for your drivers, karts, and gliders. When you level up your arsenal you will get bonus points depending on the level of your drivers, karts, and gliders.

What are the grades in Mario Kart Tour?

While racing in standard races, you will have a grade from E to A that can be improved on with rules that will change daily between default item slots and two item slots. All standard races will be in 100cc.

What does Gauge +1 mean Mario Kart?

Level-boost tickets are items in Mario Kart Tour used to increase the skill level of a specific driver, kart, or glider by filling up the gauge to level up with 1. If the driver, kart, or glider has already reached the maximum skill level, no further level-boost tickets can be used.

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How do you get level up tickets in Mario Kart?

The best way to get Level Boost tickets is through playing the game and earning Tour Rewards as Level Boost tickets are one of the rewards in this pool. (Gold Pass subscribers will get more tour gifts than non subs so you’ll definitely get more level boosts as a paying player).

How do you level up your driver on Mario Kart?

To level up your drivers, gliders and karts, you need to use tickets. From the main menu, click on either drivers, karts, or gliders. From there, select the item you wish to level up. You will need the appropriate ticket, depending on if you want to level up a driver, glider, or kart.

How do you complete the Mario Kart Tour challenges?

Standard challenges 2-1

  1. Collect ten different drivers.
  2. Collect ten drifferent karts or gliders.
  3. Get first place in a race 100 times.
  4. Land 100 hits with green shells.
  5. Land 30 hits with bob-ombs.
  6. Land 200 hits with bananas.
  7. Cause opponents to crash 300 times.
  8. Reach player level ten.
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