What happened to Darrell Waltrip in Nascar?

He spent 15 years calling races with Mike Joy and Larry McReynolds before Jeff Gordon replaced McReynolds in 2016. Waltrip was one of the most famous voices in NASCAR for 19 years. He retired in 2019 to spend more time with his children and grandchildren.

Where is Darrell Waltrip on Fox?

Darrell Waltrip, who brought his folksy, outsized personality from the driver’s seat to a prodigious second career as a broadcaster, announced Thursday that this season will be his last for FOX Sports. Waltrip’s final NASCAR race from the broadcast booth is scheduled for June 23 at Sonoma Raceway.

Is Darrell Waltrip still a NASCAR commentator?

The 72-year-old NASCAR legend and Franklin resident says he will cross the finish line of his television broadcasting career at the end of Fox Sports’ NASCAR race coverage this season, which ends on June 23 with the Toyota/Save Mart 350 in Sonoma, California.

What is Darrell Waltrip famous saying?

Anyone who has watched a NASCAR race on Fox Sports for the past decade has heard broadcaster Darrell Waltrip say just when the green flag flies and the race begins: “Boogity, boogity, boogity – let’s go racing, boys!”

Why did Darrell Waltrip retire from broadcasting?

After nearly 50 years of racing and broadcasting, he retired to spend more time with his family. … He readily admits he misses the action that racing and being at race tracks brings. RELATED: Darrell Waltrip’s career in photos. “I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed being retired,” said Waltrip, who turned 74 last month.

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Did Michael Waltrip retire from Nascar?

Waltrip retired from behind the wheel in 2017. It wasn’t until Waltrip was sipping wine on a vacation in Sonoma with friends Bryan R. Sperber and Glynn Gross that the trio came up with the idea to open a brewery. “A cold beer at the racetrack is always a good idea,” Waltrip says.

What is Jeff Gordon’s net worth?

Jeff Gordon is an American NASCAR driver, born on 4tg August,1971 in Vallejo, California.

Jeff Gordon Networth, Salary, Earning and Endorsements.

AGE 47 years
SOURCE OF WEALTH Stock car racer, Endorsements, Jeff Gordon Racing School, Briggs & Sons Winemaking Company partnership and broadcasting.
NET WORTH $200 million
ANNUAL SALARY $20-$30 million
PRIVATE JET Hawker 800
World of auto racing