When was the first Nascar race in history?

The first NASCAR Strictly Stock Series race — the first stock car race officially sanctioned by the company — took place on June 19, 1949, at Charlotte Speedway in North Carolina before a crowd of around 13,000.

Who won the first Nascar race in history?

Held on June 19, 1949 at the Charlotte Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina, the race comprised 200 laps on a 0.75-mile (1.21 km) dirt oval.

1949 NASCAR Strictly Stock Series inaugural race.

Race details
Laps 145
No. 34 Jim Roper R.B. McIntosh

Who was the first NASCAR driver?

The first NASCAR race was held in Daytona on February 15, 1948. The winner, in a modified Ford, was Red Byron, a former moonshine runner.

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