Who made the first Formula 1 car?

Enzo Ferrari — who’s real fame was to follow as a team manager and manufacturer with Scuderia Ferrari, formed in 1929 to race Alfa Roméo P2s — finished second in the 1920 Voiturette race at Le Mans, the first international road race in France in six years.

Why are there 2 drivers per F1 team?

It became mandated that a team have two competing drivers. Drivers in the same team, whilst fighting for a title of their own, would also become more careful about racing against themselves, since having two cars finish the race – ideally in points-scoring positions – would further bolster the team in the championship.

Why is F1 so expensive?

It is expensive because to maintain a team and pay the staff, drivers and transporting the cars and equipment from one country to another on a fleet of cargo planes is not cheap. The sponsors pay the drivers and constructors but to maintain a F1 race circuit is expensive and is used only once a year.

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