Who won the 2018 F1 championship?

How many points did Hamilton get in 2018?

2018 Driver Standings: Lewis Hamilton

Grand Prix Date PTS
United States 21 Oct 2018 15
Mexico 28 Oct 2018 12
Brazil 11 Nov 2018 25
Abu Dhabi 25 Nov 2018 25

Why is Mercedes so dominant F1?

Mercedes have been dominant in Formula 1 for a number of years now due to the fact that the other competition can not get up to their standard, it then transforms into some very boring racing in fact its only been the last 2 races that sky sports have really focused on the front 2 racing cars so much that Hamilton was …

Is Lewis Hamilton the best F1 driver ever?

Lewis Hamilton captured his seventh Formula One championship on Sunday. The historic title was snatched off a thrilling Turkish Grand Prix that saw Hamilton finish first from a sixth-place start. … But after Sunday, by our estimation, it’s undeniable: Lewis Hamilton is the greatest F1 driver of all time.

Why is Mercedes F1 so fast?

The reason for Mercedes domination in F1 is because their cars has the best engine-chassis combination right now. They have the most powerful engine which is also the most fuel efficient one, and they packaged it very well into the chassis.

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