Why Mario Kart Wii is bad?

-It had some of the worst tracks ever, as well as some of the worst choices for retro tracks. -Some character inclusions were very questionable. Seriously, Funky Kong, Dry Bowser, and Baby Daisy? -Items were terrible.

Why is Mario Kart Wii so unbalanced?

Characters are somewhat unbalanced due to their unique stats but the bonuses are mostly minor so it doesn’t really matter outside Time Trials. Speed is the most important stat in the game. A vehicle with poor speed doesn’t stand a chance against one with good speed, if both players are equal in skill.

Is Mario Kart a bad game?

Super Mario Kart is a bad game now. The controls are bad and it has not aged well at all. I also just don’t find it to be fun or engaging compared to all of the other games in the series.

Does Mario Kart AI cheat?

The ai just does cheat in this game. Straight up unfair absolutely inhuman accuracy, aggression and acceleration, and I pretty much know how it works. On 150cc and mirror, the first race of a cup is always going to be extremely easy, this is a fact. You will almost always likely outrace the ai in 2nd by a long shot.

What is CPU on Mario Kart Wii?

A CPU is an opponent when you play a Grand Prix, or a VS Race. When you are playing in battle mode, or VS Team Race, the teams will be created by using CPUS. Then, it will ask you to confirm the team.

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Is Mario Kart Wii the hardest?

It’s the one that even the greatest players can find difficult and while there have been several versions of this course, the Mario Kart Wii version was easily the hardest. The lack of barriers on the side of this track is what makes it so tough.

What language is Mario Kart Wii?

The machine code for Mario Kart Wii is stored in the files main. dol and StaticR. rel. The game was programmed in the programming languages C and C++ and then a compiler (Metrowerks CodeWarrior) translated this code into machine code.

Why is Funky Kong meta?

Funky Kong has the highest speed stat in the game. The combo of Funky Kong/Flame Runner has the majority of the world records. People somehow think that they are better by using this combo which leads to a high proportion of Funky Flamers online, especially in higher VR rooms.

Why is Funky Kong so fast?

Funky Kong is fast because he has a bandanna and sunglasses.

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