You asked: Why do I love go karting?

It’s a feeling many of us lack in our day-to-day lives, but go kart racing gives racers the exhilarating sense of freedom as you speed your way around the track, learning the best lines through the curves on each lap.

How would you describe go karting?

Go-karting is the sport of racing or riding on go-karts.

Why is go karting so fun?

Indoor go kart racing is both fun and educative for children of all ages. Our go karts are powered by a mixture of adrenaline and excited laughs. They have electric engines (read instant torque) that makes them environment and driver friendly.

Is Karting a good sport?

Karting has a number of health benefits including an increased heart rate, strength building, improvements in reflexes and reaction time, and burning off calories to help aid weight loss.

Has anyone died go karting?

There were 231 go-cart/fun-kart related deaths of all ages, reported to CPSC from these sources during the years 1985- 1996. One hundred and fifty-five cases (67%) were to children under the age of 15 years old.

Do karts have Abs?

Karts and race cars do not have ABS and thus locking up is very easy if you just jump on the break with all your strength. In a normal rental kart the brake pedal controls the braking apparatus, located at the rear of the kart. Thus locking up will result in sliding the back of the kart – OVERSTEER.

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Are Go Karts faster than cars?

Secondly, quick turns and spontaneous speed at those rates with the open air adds up to your thrill and fun. This way, you feel that driving a go-kart is so much more thrilling than driving a much faster car.

Is karting a good sport for kids?

The truth is that go-karting is not only an enjoyable sport, but one that is also extremely safe for kids and adults alike. Every aspect of safety is taken into consideration, and today’s karts and tracks are safer than ever, meaning kids can have the absolute best time around the track without any worry.

Is go-karting physically demanding?

Go karting, unquestionably, is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports for kids and adults. That’s right, racing is a sport just like baseball, football, and soccer. Not only does a kart driver need laser focus on the track, he or she also needs physical strength, primarily in the core and upper body.

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