Your question: What engines were in Nascar 1986?

Cup Series cars of this year were powered by 350ci V8 engines, which were mated to four-speed manual transmissions. This car retains its original powertrain and other crucial original parts as well.

What cars did Nascar use in 1985?

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Manufacturer Team Race Driver
Pontiac Means Racing Jimmy Means
RahMoc Enterprises Lake Speed
Buick 8 Chevrolet 1 Ford 4 Bobby Allison Motorsports Bobby Allison
Chrysler 5 Dodge 1 Ford 22 Arrington Racing Morgan Shepherd 1

What year did NASCAR stop using real cars?

You could go buy on on Monday. Or Friday if you didn’t get paid until then. Back in the day, NASCAR “stock cars” were actually stock cars. Up until 1966, the cars were dead stock, with a few safety modifications, and some engine modifications.

Who all drove the 43 car in Nascar?

NASCAR Car #43

Driver Top 10’s
1 Richard Petty 676
2 Aric Almirola 30
3 John Andretti 26
4 Darrell Wallace Jr. 9
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