Does Nascar go to Sonoma?

The Toyota / Save Mart 350 is a 226.8-mile-long NASCAR Cup Series motor race held at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California.

Does Nascar come to Sonoma?

NASCAR Friday in Sonoma typically features the Cup Series drivers taking on the unrelenting 12-turn road course for practice sessions throughout the day.

Can you visit Sonoma Raceway?

Is there someone I can talk to about visiting Sonoma Raceway? Absolutely! Please call our main number at 800-870-7223 ext.

Are there showers at Sonoma Raceway?

Sonoma Raceway offers food concessions available on-site. On-site restrooms and showers are located in the drivers lounge/suite building.

Who owns Sonoma Raceway?

1996: The track is purchased by O. Bruton Smith and Speedway Motorsports, Inc. 2000: The raceway begins its four-year, $100 million Modernization Plan, which renovates and updates nearly all aspects of the facility.

How many miles is the track at Sonoma?

To get ready, read on for a full track printout and five interesting facts about Sonoma. The track length is 1.99 miles, and the road course itself features more than 160 feet of elevation change from the highest point (Turn 3a, 174 feet) to the lowest.

How long is a NASCAR race in hours?

The full length of a NASCAR race is anywhere between 1 and a half hours and 3 hours long. However, some races can end up being much longer, even upwards of 6 hours. This can be due to various delays in the racing, or it could be that it takes this amount of time for the actual race to be completed.

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