How do I store my go kart tires?

Wipe it on once at the end of the season, bag & seal the tires up in a black trash bag, and store them in a temperature stable environment. Don’t touch them again until spring. It will even bring some life back to old used dried out tires.

How do you store racing tires?

Always store your race tires indoors in a dark, cool, dry room. For best results: • Remove the tires from the racecar. Store the tires on their side in a cool, dark and dry environment. Place the tires is black plastic bags when stored during the off season.

Why do you wrap Go Kart Tyres?

Once you use a tyre it starts to oxidise and harden. Oils and compounds in the rubber evaporate. Cling wrap slows this process down as well as storing in a dry cool place away from sunlight.

How can I make my go kart tires last longer?

Regardless of what tires you run, i’ve found that I can get a lot more life out of them by flipping them around on the rim. Unmount the tire after every event and swap sides (move inside to outside), since the inside edges of tires seem to wear at a much faster rate than the outsides.

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Is it better to store tires inflated or deflated?

Should You Store Tires Inflated or Deflated? Generally, it’s okay to store your tires when they’re still inflated. You never need to deflate them fully for long-term storage. To prep your tires for storage make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly before putting them away.

What do tire bags do?

Bag them up

This airtight environment will reduce evaporation of oils from the rubber compounds. Specific tire storage caddies or tire totes are also available. These make transporting and storing tires easier and help keep them grime and dust free.

How do I prepare my go kart tires?

Tire prep formulas usually consist of a combination of mineral spirits, acetone and sometimes fuel and transmission fluid, as well as other various elements. Go Kart racers paint a coat or multiple coats of tire prep formula on their tires prior to a race to improve traction and reduce lap times.

How often do you need to change go kart tires?

Bottom line: it all depends on how serious you are taking your racing. If your in it to just race and enjoy the time with your kids then 3-4 race weekends on a set of tires is reasonable. If your in it to win a lot and be very competitive, change them every race day.

Does Simple Green soften tires?

Simple Green will harden tires as it is a degreaser which pulls the oils out of the rubber. They feel squeaky clean and tacky but not any softer.

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How do you winterize a go-kart?

Here are the 10 steps to winterize your go-kart:

  1. Clear The Fuel Lines.
  2. Change The Oil.
  3. Lube The Chain.
  4. Drain The Radiator.
  5. Check The Joints And Bearings.
  6. Check And Pump The Tires.
  7. Charge The Battery.
  8. Clean Your Kart.
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