How do you earn points on Mario Kart Tour?

How do you earn stars on Mario Kart Tour?

How to Collect Grand Stars

  1. Getting High Scores in Races. Every course has points that you need to reach in order for you to get a specific amount of Grand Stars. …
  2. Complete Tour Challenges. You can get Grand Stars from completing tour challenges. …
  3. Complete Daily Challenges. …
  4. Unlock Cups. …
  5. Gifts.

What are base points in Mario Kart Tour?

Base points are the score you get before even starting a race, and they are one of the factors for getting a high score. Base points are obtained depending on the level of your driver, glider, and kart.

How do I raise my tier in Mario Kart?

You can raise your tier by playing tier eligible cups. Getting a high score in each race in the cup will raise your placement for that week. Raising the base points for your driver, glider, and kart and using drivers and equipment that are favored there will greatly benefit you in getting a higher placement.

What is an R course on Mario Kart?

R is for reverse, T is for “Tricks.” The R courses are the same as the normal course, except you go backwards. The T courses have a bunch more ramps and jumps and stuff.

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What does skill level mean in Mario Kart Tour?

What is Skill Level? In Mario Kart Tour there is a feature called skill level, wherein you increase stats for your drivers, karts, and gliders. When you level up your arsenal you will get bonus points depending on the level of your drivers, karts, and gliders.

Can you earn stars in multiplayer?

Players can also earn Grand Stars from multiplayer modes, which are good towards unlocking rewards in the single-player mode.

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