How long does a Go Kart race last?

These races typically last between 7-10 minutes and are an open time-trial session where you compete for fastest lap rather than position on track. Passing other karts isn’t a requirement in this format of racing.

How much does K1 Speed Cost per person?

The cost of a K1 Speed Annual Membership is only $7 and you get all of the above! As you can see, you’ll get one free race within the week of your birthday – that’s over $20 in value alone!

How fast is a 500cc go-kart?

Speeds of the 400-500cc go karts reach the top end of what is recommended for these buggies near almost 60 MPH. The durable construction is able to transport up to 500 lbs. of cargo without sluggish performance while the manufacturers continue to keep an eye on safety innovations and implementations.

Is 15 mph fast on a go-kart?

The adult speed track (must be at least 16 yrs of age) reaches up to 40 mph. The other tracks range from 15- 22 mph.

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