Is Hamilton a good F1 driver?

Lewis Hamilton captured his seventh Formula One championship on Sunday. The historic title was snatched off a thrilling Turkish Grand Prix that saw Hamilton finish first from a sixth-place start. … But after Sunday, by our estimation, it’s undeniable: Lewis Hamilton is the greatest F1 driver of all time.

How good a driver is Lewis Hamilton?

​Hamilton has achieved great success in his career, but not purely because of skill. … T​he British driver has always been in one of the fastest cars on the grid, and w​hile Schumacher, Senna, and many other greats had to prove themselves in slow cars, Hamilton waltzed into the fastest car on track.

Is Hamilton that good or is it the car?

Hamilton is a truly great driver and the pace he is consistently able to unlock often defies belief. If you look at his record against his Mercedes team-mates, two drivers in exactly the same car, Hamilton won 32 races to the 22 of Nico Rosberg. Against Valtteri Bottas, the tally is 43-9.

Why does Lewis Hamilton win so much?

Because he is the bestt and a champ. His dedication to training and determination to win every race complimented by the best Mercedes Team in the world. He won even with McLaren.

Why is Mercedes so good at F1?

The reason for Mercedes domination in F1 is because their cars has the best engine-chassis combination right now. They have the most powerful engine which is also the most fuel efficient one, and they packaged it very well into the chassis.

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Could Lewis Hamilton win in another car?

No he wont. He will perform more or less the same as george russel just as george russel performed more or less the same as lewis in the mercedes last year.

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