Where does NFS Underground 2 take place?

Bayview is a fictional city on the west coast of the United States of America, in which Need for Speed: Underground 2 takes place. It contains four main districts: City Core, Beacon Hill, Jackson Heights, and Coal Harbor.

Does NFS Underground 1 have free roam?

1) Features: This version of the mod allows you to fully explore Olympic City.

What is the best NFS game Reddit?

Heat is the best overall game though. 2015 and Payback both had pretty major flaws and while Heat didn’t add much new stuff, it just perfected everything from the previous 2 games. 2015 had really bad handling and Payback had a stupid upgrade system that encouraged microtransactions.

Can you get Need For Speed Underground 2 on ps4?

need for speed underground 2 ps4 – Best Buy.

Are all NFS games connected?

Nfs 15, nfs payback, nfs carbon, nfs most wanted, nfs heat. These are 100% connected. Others are speculation. Underground, Underground 2, and Prostreet would be connected as well.

Is NFS Heat online?

NFS Heat does include some multiplayer options, but they aren’t very compelling. Essentially, if you choose to play online, the game loads the same map with other free-roaming players. You can enter races, join a party, and start massive pursuits, but there’s not really a lot of structure to it.

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