Best answer: Who won the 2011 Indy 500?

What actually killed Dan Wheldon?

An autopsy conducted by Clark County Coroner Michael Murphy on 17 October determined that Wheldon died of a blunt force trauma to his head. He was the fifth Indianapolis 500 winner to die in a racing accident in the same year as winning the race, and the first repeat winner to do so.

How often do race car drivers die?

The number of racing deaths annually appears to have dropped in recent years from an average of more than 20 to about 15 over the past five full years. There were at least 40 deaths in 2001 alone when the Observer began its study.

What were Dan Wheldon’s fatal injuries?

Findings: Dan Wheldon’s head hit post

Wheldon was killed Oct. 16 during the series’ season finale when his car sailed 325 feet through the air into a catchfence, and his head hit a post in the fence.

How much is an Indy car worth?

ESPN supports that IndyCar price, estimating a range of $3 million to $8 million per car, depending on the team.

Do Indy 500 drivers wear diapers?

The answer is NO. Before starting the race, drivers use the toilet and empty themselves.

How much do Indy car drivers make?

Indy 500 payout breakdown 2021

Pos. Driver Earnings
1. Takuma Sato $1,370,500
2. Scott Dixon $505,000
3. Graham Rahal $403,500
4. Santino Ferrucci $300,000
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