How do you use part tokens in Need for Speed payback?

A Part Token is a consumable item in Need for Speed: Payback that can be used in the Trade-In section of Tune-Up-Shops to roll for specific performance parts, at the cost of three Part Tokens per roll.

How do you use shipments in Need for Speed payback?

To open crates you have been awarded for in-game actions, press the menu/options button and scroll along to the Shipments section, where’ll you’ll see your collection as well as the purchasable ones. That is how you get Shipments to upgrade your car in Need for Speed Payback.

How do I unlock premium shipments?

Premium Shipments can also be unlocked by completing challenges and events within the game, and they include the following:

  1. One Vanity Upgrade – such as underglow, air suspension, neons, and more.
  2. One Part Token – an assortment of Part Tokens that can be used in the Tune-Up Shop.

What is the all in reward in Need for Speed payback?

“All in” is a bet in poker, in which a player has either bet their remaining stake or all of their stake during a betting round.

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Are there shipments in Need for Speed Heat?

Through races, players could earn randomized Shipments that doled out Speed Cards, vital stat boosters for car tuning and customization. Shipments could also be purchased through Payback’s storefront.

How do you get the best speed cards in Need for Speed payback?

If all of your speed cards are level 10, then you’ll likely see speed cards from level 9-12 in the tune up shop. The best/fastest way to get better speed cards imo is to use part tokens. The tune up shop refresh takes too long and the refresh still doesn’t give you what you want a lot of the time.

What are the blue cards in Need for Speed payback?

Nextech. Nextech parts appear as blue Speed Cards. They can be matched together for a Brand Bonus increase in Speed and Brakes ratings.

Does Need for Speed have cheat codes?

Cheat Codes in Need for Speed II affects progression, gameplay, and can unlock secret cars. They are activated in different ways depending on each platform: For the PlayStation release, cheat codes have to be entered as a password.

Can you still find abandoned cars in Need For Speed payback?

Abandoned Cars are cars in Need for Speed: Payback that were hidden across Fortune Valley and had a rotating window of availability. … Within that window, the player could find the hidden abandoned car and return it to Rav’s workshop on the airfield.

How do you get speed points?

They can be bought from the in-game store, which is accessed from the game’s pause menu, or via your platform’s specific store. Those Speed Points you have bought can be used to purchase standard or premium Shipments, which are Need for Speed Payback’s version of loot boxes.

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How do you unlock vanity items in Need For Speed payback?

Vanity Items in Need for Speed: Payback are visual customisation items that can be equipped to any owned cars, but can only be acquired from shipments. There are five available vanity item options that can be applied to cars; nitrous colour, tyre smoke, underglow, air suspension, and horn.

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