Is Drag Racing Legal UK?

But in the UK there’s a specific offence for those caught doing so, titled ‘motor racing on the highway’. … “Leave drag racing to the Hollywood stuntmen.” The licence endorsement code for ‘motor racing on the highway’ is known as ‘MS50’. In total, there have been 45 MS50 endorsements in the UK since 2016.

Where can you drag race legally UK?

At Run What Ya Brung days you can take your car or motorcycle out on the famous quarter-mile dragstrip and test it’s performance limits in a safe and legal environment. RWYB is the cheapest and most accessible public track time in the UK, from just £45 admission and “sign on” (booking fees apply).

Can you go to jail for drag racing?

The maximum prison term is two years for a second or subsequent offence. If you are convicted of illegal street racing this will go on your criminal record unless you obtain a Section 10 which is a finding of guilt without a criminal conviction.

What license do you need for drag racing?

Any driver of a vehicle with an elapsed time between 7.50 seconds and 9.99 seconds in the quarter mile (4.50 seconds to 6.39 in the eighth mile) must have a valid NHRA license of Class 6 or better. The NHRA fee is $150 for one (1) year or $240 for two (2) years.

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What is the punishment for street racing in the UK?

But in the UK there’s a specific offence for those caught doing so, titled ‘motor racing on the highway’. If caught, you could be hit with a £2,500 fine, 11 points on your licence and a court can also order a complete driving ban.

With headlights, taillights and plenty of muscle, as demonstrated humorously by the Dragon Man himself after he climbs out of the car, the road-going dragster is totally legal to use on the streets.

Can NSW Police crush your car?

Police powers to seize vehicles and number plates

Now police officers can seize and take charge of your car, remove and confiscate your number plates and attach a ‘number–plate confiscation notice’ to the car. If you have a ‘number-plate confiscation notice’ attached to your car, you cannot drive that car for 3 months.

Can police take your car for drag racing?

Though laws vary, here are some penalties faced by street racers: You can be arrested and have your car impounded for 30 days. If convicted of street racing or aiding and abetting a street race, you can be imprisoned for up to three months and fined up to $1,000. Spectators are subject to penalties as well.

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