Is NFS heat going to get more updates?

This is the last update for Need for Speed Heat and this update will include crossplay for PS4, Xbox One and PC, bug fixes and for those who subscribed to EA Access and Origin Basic Access Vault, you may be able to play Need For Speed Heat on June the 16th and afterwards, the game will receive no more new content, as …

Will Need For Speed Heat get more updates?

NFS Heat will be receiving it’s final update on June 9th, and as with everything else about this game for a lot of people, it’s disappointing. The update is literally just adding crossplay to the game and nothing else. Woo hoo! No new cars, no major content updates, no update that is really worth getting.

Is NFS heat going to add more cars?

New Need for Speed: Heat will have more cars, more customisation, and more challenges. Believe it or not but E.A. is creating the 23rd title to join the Need for Speed (NFS) franchise and it’s set to be the best yet.

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Is there anything new on NFS heat?

The latest game in the enduring street racing series Need for Speed landed on game shop shelves, doormats, and online stores back in November 8, 2019. The new edition “Heat” returns players to the mean streets of Palm City — inspired by Miami.

Did they fix NFS heat?

According to the official NFS Heat 1.07 patch notes, the latest Need for Speed Heat June update added cross-play and a long list of bug fixes. Apart from this, NFS Heat patch version 1.07 also added stability and performance improvements. The update size is around 7.74 GB on PC/Xbox One and 7.38GB on PS4.

How many people still play NFS heat?

Need for Speed Heat

Month Avg. Players % Gain
December 2020 2,148.2 +11.36%
November 2020 1,929.1 +31.41%
October 2020 1,468.0 +3.26%
September 2020 1,421.6 +18.91%

Is Toyota coming to NFS heat?

Despite a decades-long presence in the tuning scene, Toyota’s iconic Supra will be absent from Electronic Arts’ upcoming “Need For Speed Heat”. … “Officially, Toyota Motor Corporation has no concrete plans to license its model range to any other games besides “Gran Turismo Sport” at the moment,” the company said.

Will there be a need for speed in 2020?

Back in November 2020 EA promised investors a new NFS title by March 2022. That timeline is obviously shifting now. It’s unlikely that the delay to the title will move it from the usual November slot back to early 2022. Instead, we may have to hold on until November 2022 for the next game.

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Is there a new need for speed coming out in 2021?

The next Battlefield is set to launch in holiday 2021, we’re excited to share a lot more about the game in the spring.” New Need for Speed and Battlefield titles will release in late 2021.

Can you give cars to friends in NFS heat?

The car that you want to transfer from studio to nfs heat game must first be purchased in nfs heat game itself. Then with the same car that you bought you go to the garage. … On your nfs heat game you press studio and the transfer will take place automatically.

How many cars can you own in Need for Speed Heat?

You can own up to eight cars at any one time in Need for Speed Heat, so if you don’t own that many, perhaps consider just earning more money rather than selling your cars.

Is NFS heat Crossplay?

Cross-play is a way for people who play the same game on different systems to play together. So if you’re playing Need for Speed Heat on PC, you can now race against players on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. If you opt in to cross-play, you’ll be racing online against players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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