Quick Answer: How do you use Grand Star tickets in Mario Kart?

How do you exchange Star tickets in Mario Kart Grand Stars?

Star tickets can be exchanged for 1 Grand Star each. Grand Stars are used to unlock new cups and open Tour Gifts. Click on an unopened gift and tap “Star Ticket.” Use Tickets (if you have enough).

What does a points cap ticket look like?

The tickets themselves do not add any points to the item; to reach the new cap, XP must be gained through racing with the item or using point-boost tickets.

Points-cap ticket
First appearance Mario Kart Tour (version 2.1.0) (2020)
Effect on player Increases the base-points cap of a driver, kart, or glider.

What are level boost tickets Mario Kart?

Level-boost tickets are items in Mario Kart Tour used to increase the skill level of a specific driver, kart, or glider by filling up the gauge to level up with 1. If the driver, kart, or glider has already reached the maximum skill level, no further level-boost tickets can be used.

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