What color is the F1 safety car?

Since 1996, the German manufacturer has been providing safety cars to F1. However, this is not the first time that the car has brought the red color to the circuit.

Can F1 finish under safety car?

There have been nine occasions on which a Formula 1 Grand Prix has finished under Safety Car conditions.

Why is Lewis Hamilton driving a black car?

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes car will again be painted black for the Briton’s historic assault on an eighth world championship. Last year, Hamilton urged the Mercedes hierarchy to change its traditional silver livery in a defiant message against racism.

Why are F1 safety car a Mercedes?

Mercedes has been the official Safety Car since 1996. In order to be used as the F1 Safety Car, Aston’s engineers altered the Vantage in order to make sure it can do the job of intervening and controlling the pace of an event involving the world’s fastest racing cars.

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