You asked: What are speed cards in Need for Speed payback?

Speed Cards in Need for Speed: Payback are a series of randomly drawn cards that offer performance part and vanity item rewards.

How do you get the best speed cards in Need for Speed: Payback?

Go to a Tune Up Shop and buy out the entire shop ~$120,000. Trade in the cards you just bought for 12 Part Tokens or 4 rolls. This will keep the car at a low enough level so you can keep buying Speed Cards cheap. Note: Having Speed Cards in the garage does not raise the Speed Card levels you buy in the shop.

What is the fastest accelerating car in NFS payback?


Are speed cards only for one car?

User Info: iiiUsername. Yeah cards can only be used on the car you earned them with.

Can you transfer speed cards to another car?

No you cannot move or mount speed cards from one car onto another car but maybe they will add it in future updates.

Can you upgrade your car in Need for Speed payback?

In Need for Speed Payback, players upgrade their cars by purchasing parts cards out of tune-up shops located around the map. The parts are available at random and refresh after certain intervals, typically 30 minutes.

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