Your question: Why do people watch Nascar?

Why do most people watch NASCAR?

But why is it so popular? People watch NASCAR for many reasons, with the main one being the high level of excitement. The cars reach some of the fastest speeds in motorsport, and that makes every race very intense. … The excitement of NASCAR is hard to beat in other sports in general, not just motorsports.

Do a lot of people watch NASCAR?

Average U.S. TV audience of NASCAR races 2019

The statistic depicts the average national TV viewership in the U.S. for selected motor sports events in 2019. The NASCAR Daytona 500 on February 17 had an average TV viewership of 9.17 million.

What is special about NASCAR cars?

All of the cars in the major NASCAR racing series are precision machines that are designed with care and lots of $’s. Many of the engine parts and body are hand constructed and formed for specific needs on specific racetracks. This car specialization and the price involved is one reason that many race teams are formed.

Is NASCAR bigger than Formula 1?

With Formula 1 attendance achieving around 4 million people per year in total, and NASCAR achieving around 3.5 million people per year. According to statistics the global TV viewership’s for Formula 1 in 2019 stood at 471 million.

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What is the most watched NASCAR race?

NASCAR returns with over six million at Darlington

NASCAR Cup Series racing from Darlington (S.C.) averaged a 3.7 rating and 6.32 million viewers on FOX Sunday, per Nielsen fast-nationals — marking the highest rated and most-watched Cup Series race outside of the Daytona 500 since Atlanta in 2017 (3.8, 6.60M).

Are NASCAR races fun?

Going to a NASCAR race is a lot of fun, but if you haven’t been to a race before, here’s a handy list of what to bring with you and what to leave at home: Do bring binoculars to a race, no matter where you’re sitting.

Are NASCAR TV ratings down?

Lengthy delay at start of Nascar’s season-opener sees average race viewership fall to 4.83m.

Can you buy a NASCAR engine?

Chevrolet manufactures R07 engines, which can be purchased new through one of the licensed race teams, such as Hendrick Motorsports, but it’s difficult to purchase a complete engine from a team. For Hendrick, the pistons, oiling system, and camshafts are top-secret bits you can’t buy.

How long does a NASCAR engine last?

Most production car engines are designed to last over 100,000 miles. NASCAR race car engines are designed to last one race (500 miles, in the case of the Daytona 500). While the same version of an engine is typically used for an entire season, it is rebuilt after each race.

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