Can the Indy 500 get rained out?

In 1940, the final 50 laps were run under the caution light because of rain. In 2001, the race was stopped on Lap 155 due to rain. The race was restarted after a 16 minute, 34 second delay. The 2004 race was stopped by rain twice.

Is the Indy 500 blackout?

The Indianapolis 500 will air live on television in central Indiana on Sunday, the Indianapolis the Motor Speedway announced Thursday. The track said on Twitter that it was lifting the blackout after selling 135,000 tickets, which is its capacity limit under COVID-19 restrictions.

What fuel do Indy cars use?

Today the IndyCar Series is using a variation of E85, which contains 85% ethanol and 15% high- octane racing fuel, which delivers an octane rating of 105.

Is the 2021 Indy 500 a blackout in Indiana?

INDIANAPOLIS — For the second year in a row, Indianapolis 500 officials are lifting the local TV blackout of the race. The decision comes after no more tickets are available and the 40% venue capacity limit has been reached, according to a statement from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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