Does PlayStation have a game like Mario Kart?

From Crash to Sonic, here are a few stand-out kart racers like Mario Kart on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

What is similar to Mario Kart on PS4?

Break one of these out the next time you have guests over, and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
  2. Blur. …
  3. Speed Punks. …
  4. Diddy Kong Racing. …
  5. Crash Team Racing. …
  6. Konami Krazy Racers. …
  7. ModNation Racers. ModNation Racers does for kart racers what Little Big Planet did for platformers. …

Is there a Mario Kart game for PS4? mario kart 8 – PlayStation 4: Video Games.

Do they make Mario Kart for Xbox one? mario kart 8 – Xbox One: Video Games.

Can you jailbreak a PS4?

As mentioned earlier, you can perform PS4 jailbreak on a specific version only, so make sure that your PS4 console has 6.72v or less, or else jailbreaking would not make any sense. You can confirm your PS4’s firmware version from the official website.

Is ModNation Racers still active?

Sony will be shutting down the servers for ModNation Racers and LittleBigPlanet Karting on the PS3 this July. The former game will run its final lap on July 10 while the latter will hit pole position on July 2.

Does ModNation Racers have online multiplayer?

ModNation Racers enables you and a friend to go online and play the game together. … More importantly, two players can play together on any tracks developed by United Front Games or anyone online.

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Is ModNation Racers on PlayStation now?

ModNation Racers: Full Game and DLC Sale on Now! – PlayStation.

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