Frequent question: What is a slipstream in NFS?

Slipstream is a real-world phenomenon that’s been translated into the gameplay of Need for Speed, in which any fast moving object basically creates a pull of air behind it. … Need for Speed implements it in much the same way, having fast-moving cars create air tunnels behind them.

What is the slipstream effect?

The most pronounced “slipstream effect” would be the rotation, which causes the airplane to yaw left in most single engine propeller airplanes. “Downwash” usually refers to the change in airflow direction caused by the generation of lift on an airplane wing.

What is drafting in NFS heat?

Drafting or slipstreaming is an aerodynamic technique where two vehicles or other moving objects are caused to align in a close group, reducing the overall effect of drag due to exploiting the lead object’s slipstream.

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