How do you throw things behind you in Mario Kart Wii U?

Throw an item behind you by pressing back on your directional pad or joystick as you throw. Know your newcomers: Mario Kart 8 introduced four new items to the mix. Learn them and love them: The Boomerang, which flies out and comes back and can be thrown three times.

How do you keep an item behind you in Mario Kart Wii?

Tap Down once on the D-pad to hold it behind you. To shoot behind you, tap Down again. With triple shells, you effectively have a wall of death around you.

How do you throw shells backwards in Mario Kart Wii?


[MKT]How do you throw shells/bombs backwards? Swipe down to send them back. Swipe forward to send them forward. Tapping them will throw them in the default direction for that item, which is usually forward.

How do you hold a green shell behind you?

You can hold shells and bananas behind your Kart to defend from Green and Red Shell attacks. Just hold down the left trigger, and don’t let go until you want to fire.

How do you throw a shell backwards?

If you press down on the control pad (when you have a WiiWheel) you can throw a Shell, or a Bomb-omb backwards instead of forwards. Hope the Hint helps!

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How do you throw backwards in Mario Kart DS?

To throw an item forward/backword(such as green shells, fake boxes, bannana peels,etc.) have the item in the box up on the top left corner of the screen. Then when you press L to use it hold up on the direction pad to throwit forward and down on the direction pad to throw it backwards.

How do you throw a bomb backwards in Mario Kart 8?

How to throw the bombs backwards in bob-omb blast battles? Pull down the analog stick, then press the item button. Thanks!

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