How does a track bar work in Nascar?

The track bar is located underneath the rear of the car. By raising or lowering the right side of the bar, a driver can alter the position of the rear axle in relation to the car’s centerline. Any changes affect the weight distribution of the car and how it moves through the corners on the track.

Can you drive without a track bar?

Yep you won’t be able to steer without the track bar there to keep the axle from moving side-to-side instead of turning when you turn the steering wheel.

What does a wedge adjustment do in Nascar?

Round (of wedge): Slang term for a way of making chassis adjustments utilizing the race car’s springs. A wrench is inserted in a jack bolt attached to the springs, and is used to tighten or loosen the amount of play in the spring. This in turn can loosen or tighten up the handling of a race car.

What causes track bar failure?

One of the most obvious signs your track bar is going bad or failing is when the tires begin to wobble uncontrollably. This normally happens when the bearings have too much space from the steering assembly.

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How does tire pressure affect NASCAR?

NASCAR tires routinely change pressure by 20-40 psi from the tire sitting on the pit wall to the time it’s run a couple of laps. So the pressure you put into the tire is no where near the pressure you have three to five laps into the race.

How do you tighten a NASCAR?

The suspension springs can be adjusted to compensate for tightness or looseness in the car during turns (called wedge adjustment, which you can read about here). You can use a ratchet a turn that long jackscrew attached to the suspension in either direction to make a car looser or tighter.

Do you need an alignment after replacing track bar?

Generally no. Usually all that is affected, is steering wheel position (It was more than likely adjusted last when track bar had play). Toe is unchanged as you are only replacing track bar, which is frame to axle. Although an alignment is never a bad idea.

Why do Nascar cars look crooked?

Even though it looks like the cars are sliding sideways, they’re really not. Their tires are still in very good grip with the racetrack. They are just steered in that direction to skew the body of the car. They used to put the bodies on crooked on the chassis to get that side force.

Why do they put tape on the grill in Nascar?

The tire carries is responsible for getting the new tires over the pit wall and to the tire changers. … The must maintain control of the tires during the stop as any runaway tires will result in a penalty for the team, their final task is to apply tape to the grill when needed and the car will be sent off.

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What does tape and wedge mean in Nascar?

If you want a tighter car, up the wedge ; a looser car, decrease the wedge. I usually do it by 0.2% at a time. Tape can make the car go faster. The more tape you put on your car, the faster your car will go. If you put too much tape on the car, the motor will overheat and you will begin to slow down.

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