What does the 6’6 star mean in Mario Kart?

You can save a maximum of 6 full races. It’s just showing that you’ve saved the maximum for replays of full races. Azilard.

What happens when you get 6 stars in Mario Kart 8?

It allows you to save a replay of the race, which you can view by going to the Mario Kart TV option on the game’s main menu. You can only have six replays saved at a time.

What are the stars in Mario Kart switch?


  • They’re just a ranking system for the Grand Prix, besides one unlockable. …
  • They show how well you did. …
  • You’ll unlock the gold kart if you earn at least one star in every cup. …
  • Basicall you get stars based on how many points you got over all 4 races.

What are the stars in the top left of Mario Kart?

They’re your favorite races, which you can later use in MKTV. You can hold up to six favorites. Pushing the + button adds the race you just did to your favorites.

Do you need 3 stars to get gold Mario?

The new Gold Mario is one of the game’s toughest challenges. While not confirmed, it’s assumed you can simply win them – and not have to get three stars – on each cup in order to unlock Gold Mario. … Gold Standard kart: Win every Cup with a single star on both 150cc and Mirror Mode in Grand Prix.

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How do you get a gold trophy in Mario Kart 8?

To unlock Gold Mario, first you’ll have to progress through the 50cc, 100cc and 150cc Grand Prix cups normally to unlock the 200cc races. Then, you’ll have to take first place in all of those Grand Prix cups as well. Once you pull that off, Gold Mario will replace Metal Mario on the character select screen.

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