What is the best tires for go kart?

What kind of tires go on a go kart?

The three most common types of go kart tires are stud, sawtooth, and slick.

Can you put car tires on a go kart?

Because the tires of a Go Kart are made of harder material and fits more snugly than most cars, they are harder to replace. The tires used on a Go Kart are rubber used to make racing tires. Because rubber is stiff, it is hard to handle the tires at regular temperature.

How can I make my go kart tires last longer?

Regardless of what tires you run, i’ve found that I can get a lot more life out of them by flipping them around on the rim. Unmount the tire after every event and swap sides (move inside to outside), since the inside edges of tires seem to wear at a much faster rate than the outsides.

When should I replace my go kart tires?

Bottom line: it all depends on how serious you are taking your racing. If your in it to just race and enjoy the time with your kids then 3-4 race weekends on a set of tires is reasonable. If your in it to win a lot and be very competitive, change them every race day.

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What size tire is 145 70 6?

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Size 145/70-6
Section Width 6 Inches
Rim Width 4.5 Inches
Tread Depth 0.22 Inches
Load Index Rating 160.00

How do I prepare my go kart tires?

Tire prep formulas usually consist of a combination of mineral spirits, acetone and sometimes fuel and transmission fluid, as well as other various elements. Go Kart racers paint a coat or multiple coats of tire prep formula on their tires prior to a race to improve traction and reduce lap times.

Does Simple Green soften tires?

Simple Green will harden tires as it is a degreaser which pulls the oils out of the rubber. They feel squeaky clean and tacky but not any softer.

How do you soften tires on dirt racing?

The best way to soften the tyres is by using kerosene. Take some rags soaked in kerosene and cover the tyres with it. It is best to be done two to three days before the race. Now wrap the tyres in foil and do not remove it until the day of the race.

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