Who created Mario Kart live?

What does Mario Kart Live come with?

It’s a game you download from the Nintendo Switch eShop, but it’s also a big cardboard box full of objects. For $99.99 you get one RC kart — either Mario or Luigi — along with a charging cable and a stack of cardboard.

How much money is Mario Kart live?

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit -Mario Set – Nintendo Switch Mario Set Edition

List Price: $99.99 Details
You Save: $6.99 (7%)

Is Mario Kart live free?

Nintendo brought Mario Kart racing to the physical world with the launch of its Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit pack last year. But despite the software being free to download, Home Circuit packs cost $100 each. Now Amazon has the Luigi pack for $10 off, bringing it down to just under $90.

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