Who drove the 38 car in Nascar?

Todd Gilliland earned his second career series win in his fourth full season in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, driving the No. 38 Ford for Front Row Motorsports.

Where is Anthony Alfredo from?

Who drove Oldsmobile in Nascar?

Amazingly, Richard Petty has been victorious in seven different brands in NASCAR: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Plymouth, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Buick.

What is the significance of 38?

38 is the sum of the squares of the first three primes. 37 and 38 are the first pair of consecutive positive integers not divisible by any of their digits. 38 is the largest even number which cannot be written as the sum of two odd composite numbers.

How much do Nascar drivers make?

The salaries of Nascar Drivers in the US range from $21,364 to $577,997 , with a median salary of $103,858 . The middle 57% of Nascar Drivers makes between $103,862 and $260,376, with the top 86% making $577,997.

Why did Dodge leave NASCAR?

Despite designing a Gen-6 car, Dodge stepped away from the sport after Brad Keselowski’s 2012 championship. The American automaker pulled its support, unable to find a flagship team to replace the departing Penske Racing.

What cars are used in NASCAR 2021?

No. 36 – Front Row Motorsports – Ford Mustang

Car No. Driver Manufacturer
1 Kurt Busch Chevrolet Camaro
2 Brad Keselowski Ford Mustang
3 Austin DIllon Chevrolet Camaro
4 Kevin Harvick Ford Mustang
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Who drives Nascar in 2021?

3 Richard Childress Racing Chevy. Dillon will return.

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